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ANDS helps researchers to organise and manage their research data, promote and share it with other researchers, and locate other research data in Research Data AustraliaResearch Data Australia. We primarily engage at the institutional level, however, we can also assist individual researchers through our Identify My Data online service and ANDS' Guides about issues in data management and sharing.

If you have research data that you would like to share, please contact us. We can put you in touch with other people at your institution, or discuss potential approaches, depending on the scale and type of data. ANDS for researchers: More>>

For Institutions

Improving the management of Australian research data is a core ANDS priority. This Research Data Management Practice Guide, prepared by Mercury Project Solutions, outlines the roles and responsibilities of hosting institutions and individual researchers in respect of data management.

The table below sets out fundamental elements that institutions will need to consider in formulating their data management framework and strategies.

Institutional policy & procedures

IT infrastructure
(hardware & software)

Support services
(people & advice)

Managing metadata

Policies & procedures which cover: Infrastructure in place to support: Resources to support: Activities to support:


Examples of policy and procedures


  • Network capability
  • Data security mechanisms
Examples of data management toolkits
  • Administrative metadata
  • Statistical information 
Examples of Institutional metadata stores


Further Readings, Examples and Resources



  • The Digital Curation CentreDCC in the UK provides an extensive digital library of resources covering all aspects of data management, curation and preservation.  They are aimed at audiences from the novice to the expert.

  • The University of Edinburgh's Information Services web site has a set of web pages written as guidance for university researchers on research data management, sharing and preservationUniversity of Edinburgh
  • NZ Government principles for managing data. 'On 8 August 2011, government approved new principles for managing the dataNZ Govt and information it holds. They have been developed to ensure high quality management of the information the government holds on the behalf of the public.'

  • The National Statistical ServiceNational Statistical Service has produced material on DATAfitnessDATAfitness, which includes information on good data management practice, including understanding and managing metadata, sharing data, and understanding the quality of data.

  • The UK Data ArchiveUK Data Archive provides advice on data management and sharing. ‘This suite of web pages aims to provide data creators, data managers and data curators with best practice strategies and methods for creating, preparing and storing shareable datasets.' They also have a stand-alone publication Managing and Sharing DataUK Data Archive available for download.

Discipline Specific

General reading

Series of articles on data management:

ANDS publications:


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