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Partners & Communities

ANDS is partnering and building community data management capability by:

  • Building research infrastructure that will enable Australian researchers to be globally competitive.
  • Partnering with institutions (Universities and Public Sector) to enable 'Better Data': managing, connecting, finding, reusing.
  • Partnering with experts to deliver support and training to institutions.

ANDS Partners
- building together

ANDS Communities
- enabling capability

  • ANDS Outreach Officers by Partner

ANDS Projects
- investing in capability

ANDS International Connections

Seminar image International Connections
  • ORCiD
    - identifying researchers and linking them to their research
  • DataCite
    - building standard methods for publication, citation and persistent identification of research datasets

Reusable Software Outputs Delivered

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For more information on ANDS Partners and Communities, please contact Angeletta Leggio or Keith Russell, Partnerships Programs Managers, or your Institution's ANDS Outreach Officer