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Partners & Communities

ANDS is partnering and building community data management capability:

  • ANDS is building research infrastructure that will enable Australian researchers to be globally competitive.
  • ANDS is partnering with institutions (Universities and Public Sector) to enable 'Better Data'; managing, connecting, finding, reusing.
  • ANDS is partnering with experts to deliver support and training to institutions.

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 Tools to enable Partners and Community

ANDS Partners

ANDS Partners include: Universities and other Research Intensive Organisations | Public Sector Agencies (State, Federal) | other eResearch Infrastructure Providers | and International Agencies.

Partner contributions are available: on the ANDS Project Registry, Partner Data Management pages, and their publications, such as:

  • ANDS TALKS: Presentations at eResearch Australasia 2011 | 2010 
  • Data capture briefing 2010 
  • Posts to the ANDS Partners Google group

ANDS Communities

ANDS builds and supports communities. See our links to these Communities on the ANDS Communities page.

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How to acknowledge ANDS funding | Forms and Templates

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ANDS Content Providers Guide | Metadata Content Requirements | Technical Resources | Metadata Stores Resources

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ANDS Guides | Data Management | Projects and Funding | Software Licensing

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